Bealir-Edison Healthy Community
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Yusef Shabazz, Executive Director Baltimore Educational Enrichment Program Coalition Board Secretary

"The benefits of volunteering are too numerous to list - not to mention many are unexpected. When a formerly troubled young person blatantly begins to show signs of pride and self-esteem as a result of learning a new skill, or knowing that someone cares, or understanding a concept I've helped to practically explain to him/her -- the benefits are simply immeasurable."

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Volunteers are the Heart of the Community - especially in Belair-Edison. Please consider sharing your time and talent with us! No effort is too small.

Video Project Assistants

If you have great interpersonal skills and enjoy working with neighbors, younger and older alike, this is the ideal position for you. Project assistants are requested to work with groups of students to identify appropriate pictures and music to include in the community documentary.

Community Outreach Advocates

Community outreach advocates are familiar with the community's demographics and rich history. Advocates will work with merchants and funders to promote community activities and secure sponsorships. Grant writing experience is a plus.

Program Assistants

Program assistants help coordinate the computer training and after school programs in the community. Duties may include drafting correspondence, scheduling meetings, facilitating meetings, and assessing and evaluating the program's performance.

Clerical Associates

PClerical associates help program assistants as necessary. Duties may include faxing, filing, answering telephones, conducting meetings and monitoring the program's performance.

Fundraising Specialists

Do you plan shopping trips or the person appointed to coordinate the family reunion? If so, we'd love your help with fundraising. As a specialist, your duties may include researching, planning and coordinating a fundraising project to benefit the community.

Computer Trainers

Instructors are needed to teach a variety of 2-hour computer training courses. Course subjects range from introductory to advanced sessions - "Intro to MS Windows and/or MS Office program packages, Intro to networking and help desk support, and program-specific training.

IT/Network Help

If you work in the IT field, we'd love your help with maintaining our community labs. Network and IT professionals are also requested to periodically offer training sessions for interested neighbors.


If you are an engineer, electrician or contractor and would like to share your expertise with others, please consider participating in a community internship/apprecenticeship program. Your participation will foster the creative talent of a younger neighbor, and offer them positive, attainable images of success.

To volunteer for any of the positions above, please call 410.485.2776, OR let us know what you'd like to do!